For a safer Motor Trades Industry

We help the Motor Trades Industry create safer workplaces.

At the very heart of our offer is the idea that business success is driven by employee wellbeing, health and safety. Backed by the Motor Traders’ Association of NSW we bring tailored, in-depth industry knowledge and broad partnerships to optimise health, safety and wellbeing outcomes.


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To Improve health, safety & wellbeing outcomes 

Protecting your greatest asset – your people.
Because what’s good for employee wellbeing is good for business.

Reduce the number and severity of injuries.

It goes without saying that achieving these aims will directly impact the wellbeing of all employees in the motor trades industry.

Reduce the impact of injuries on operational performance.

Good safety and wellbeing improves operational efficiency, productivity and staff turnover rates.

Reduce the impact of workplace injury related costs.

Reduction in costs associated with workplace injuries improves profitability, enhances the stability of employment and minimises the impact on the workers compensation scheme which is good for the industry group.

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  • A safer workplace for all employees

  • Better employee retention rates

  • Improved operational efficiency

  • Lower work related injury costs

Through improved Work Health Safety (WHS) and Return to Work (RTW) performance.

The group covered by the industry alliance includes:
11,000 employers
75,000 employees
Has an annual payroll of $5.5bn in NSW

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