Helping to create safer workplaces

Tailored, in-depth industry knowledge, resources and services to help your business optimise health, safety and wellbeing outcomes.

We help to keep Australian businesses safe, so you can focus on moving your business forward

Taking a journey with the MTC is about giving you the peace of mind that your workplace safety and wellbeing needs will be taken care of by experts.

With more than 50 years of specialised experience, the MTC provides customised and innovative solutions to help minimise workplace risk, improve employee wellbeing and to build an efficient and productive workplace.

“Feel the relief almost instantly! 9 months into an ongoing claim, going nowhere, frustrating and time consuming -the MTC team came on board. Their knowledge, professionalism and communication gave us peace of mind and confidence in reaching an outcome that was acceptable to all parties. Going forward MTC is also compiling the necessary documents for our Injury Management and RTW. Their website itself is a standalone resource for all SME’s. If unsure, just phone them for a chat- then decide MTC will be an asset to your business.” Donna Axiak – Owner / Operator, Elite Automotive Repairs Pty Ltd 

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Our Core Services

Designed to protect your employees and your business
  • Identify

    Expert guidance that helps motor trades employers identify ways to create a safer workplace and improve employee safety and wellbeing processes.

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  • Support

    Provides motor trades employers with an easily accessible and affordable package of services that are designed to achieve sustainable performance in workplace safety.

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  • Manage

    Outsourced end-to-end injury management and recovery at work solution for motor trades employers, delivering efficient and effective return to work outcomes.

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  • Measure

    Our Safety Culture Diagnostic Survey is designed around the prevailing influencers and contextual features of the motor trades industry. The aim of the survey is to gain insights into workforce perceptions of safety and wellbeing including how these may affect and determine the actions and behaviours. that define a safety culture.

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About Motor Trades Care

We help business create value from health, safety and wellbeing outcomes, improving performance in Work Health Safety (WHS) and Return to Work (RTW).

At the very heart of our offer is the idea that business success is driven by employee wellbeing, health and safety. Backed by the Motor Traders’ Association of NSW we bring tailored, in-depth industry knowledge and broad partnerships to optimise health, safety and wellbeing outcomes.

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