We create safer workplaces in the motor trades industry.


Introducing Motor Trades CARE

We help business create value from health, safety and wellbeing outcomes, improving performance in Work Health Safety (WHS) and Return to Work (RTW).

With unique capability in the Automotive industry we help clients understand the benchmark data we have; where health, safety and wellbeing is headed and what necessary steps they need to take to rethink this for their business.


Integrated industry network

MTC brings together the entire eco system – business leaders, employees and the Motor Traders’ Association of NSW. This unique and collaborative approach enables business to think holistically about their workplace environment.

An industry first

For the first time we are now able to offer business the ability to overlay data sets from employee, workplace, and industry sources. This provides leaders with new intelligence, perspective, and analysis on health, safety and wellbeing trends affecting their business at a level not previously possible.


Finally, there’s a better way

As an Australian first, this new approach to safety and wellbeing finally gives the Motor Trades Industry the tools to truly quantify the value of  wellbeing and safety which is essential to business success. 

Because what’s good for employee wellbeing is good for business. 


As part of this new approach, icare has decided to partner with specific industry associations to leverage existing relationships within industry groupings to maximise the chance of significant improvement in the shortest possible time.

The primary employer association in the motor trades industry group in NSW is the Motor Traders’ Association of NSW whose participation in this initiative significantly enhances the probability of the success of the industry alliance.

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icare partners with Motor Traders Association through MTC

Motor Traders' Association, Motor Trades Care and icare team, including;

  • Stavros Yallouridis, Interim CEO (2nd from left)
  • John Nagle, CEO icare (2nd from right)
  • Jason McLaughlin, GM Prevention, Product and Pricing icare (right)



Trevor Ballantyne

General Manager WHS
Trevor has over 20 years of experience in WHS and RTW in a number of industries including the motor trades. He was the National Safety and Wellbeing Manager for Kmart Tyre & Auto Service and the General Manager Group Safety, Wellbeing & Environment at the NRMA. Trevor has a proven track record of delivering results which have positively improved the safety culture of employers he has worked with by implementing WHS and RTW programs. His experience will form the basis of the programs we will implement throughout the industry group and when implemented, will dramatically change the safety performance of any organisation or group which uses them.


Amberley James

WHS Consultant
Amberley has a degree in exercise and sport science. She has worked as an exercise physiologist and various roles in injury management and return to work for over 10 years. Her experience includes 4 years with KMart Tyre and Auto Service in a national role responsible for safety and injury management.


Kristy Morris

WHS Consultant
Kristy has 18 years of experience in WHS and RTW roles in various industries including aircraft maintenance, labour hire, retail, logistics associated with the motor trades industry group. Within these industries she has held state and national multi-site managerial and operational roles. She has numerous specialist WH&S qualifications which relate to the motor trades and other industries.


Vicky Grice

RTW Consultant
Vicky has over 20 years’ experience as an RTW specialist working with employers, insurers and relevant stakeholders. Vicky has worked in the motor trades and other industries where she has assisted employers to implement and manage RTW systems and processes to achieve better outcomes for injured employees.

As the team expands they will be working closely with icare and the Motor Traders’ Association in an important alliance which will allow for extensive networking and shared knowledge to meet the needs of this unique industry when it comes to injury prevention and recovery.