InMotion Video Series | Introduction to Fitness for Work

In this InMotion Video Trevor Ballantyne, MTC’s General Manager, provides a concise and engaging overview of the importance of being physically and mentally fit to perform job duties safely and effectively. The overview will cover:

  • the critical role of fitness for work in maintaining a safe workplace and preventing accidents, injuries, and incidents;
  • risk management initiatives aimed at identifying and mitigating factors that could compromise worker health and safety;
  • encompassing factors impacting fitness for work such as physical health, mental wellbeing, fatigue management, and substance use; and
  • proactive measures to assess and manage fitness for work risks, including implementing policies, procedures, and programs to support employee health and wellbeing.

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We recognise the critical importance of WHS in the automotive industry. Our team is dedicated to assisting you in enhancing your business by addressing safety challenges and meeting WHS requirements.

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Remember, prioritising safety not only protects your workforce but can also lead to cost savings and improved productivity.

InMotion Video Series | Benefits of Outsourcing Return-to-Work Coordination

In this InMotion Video Dianne Capulong, RTW Consultant, talks about the importance of an effective injury recovery and return to work support system, and how outsourcing the Return-to-Work Coordinator function can benefit your business.

InMotion Video Series | Manual Handling

In this InMotion Video Ric Abrahams, WHS Consultant, will talk about Manual Handling in the Automotive Industry including the nature of musculoskeletal injuries, how to identify manual handling and hazardous manual tasks and how to manage risk.