InMotion December 2020 – Recovery at Work, Supporting Suitable Duties

In Part One of this three part series, we explored the benefits of prompt injury reporting and early treatment followed by Part Two which looked at engaging a preferred injury […]

InMotion November 2020 – Benefits of a preferred treatment provider

Last month, in Part One of this three part series, we explored the benefits of prompt injury reporting and early treatment. Managing an injury in your workplace is critical to […]

InMotion October 2020 – Effective injury management

Early intervention practices have proven to be effective in fostering a happy and healthy workplace as they promote an environment that is supportive and committed to the health and wellbeing […]

InMotion September 2020 – A WHS operating framework for your business

In this issue of InMotion we consider how integrating Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) practices into a business’ core activities can help achieve the best results from any WHS program. […]

InMotion August 2020 – Return to work program – Do you know what your business needs?

Following on from Issue 4 | July 2020 | Return to Work Coordinator Role, in this InMotion we explore Return to Work (RTW) Programs as a requirement of all employers […]

InMotion July 2020 – The RTW Coordinator role & benefits of outsourcing

In this issue of InMotion we do a deep dive on the Return to Work (RTW) Coordinator role and its critical importance to the effective and efficient management of workplace […]

InMotion June 2020 – Your Workers Insurance Renewal Cheatsheet

For most businesses, June is the renewal month for your Workers Insurance (WI) premium… which means that by now you will have received your renewal or pre-renewal pack from icare. […]

InMotion May 2020 – Mental health & wellbeing in the workplace

In this issue of InMotion, we’re focusing on mental health and wellbeing in the workplace. We know that businesses across the country and indeed around the world, along with their […]

InMotion April 2020 – Covid-19 Toolkits

Motor Trades Care (MTC) in conjunction with MTA NSW, have developed COVID-19 ‘Toolkits’, to provide motor trades industry employers and employees with strategies and best practice advice on combating the […]

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