InMotion December 2021 – Health and Wellbeing Calendar 2022

Wellbeing programs and initiatives can help drive and reinforce healthy behaviours, bringing benefits to team members, your business and in some cases the wider community. Working safely and taking care […]

InMotion November 2021 – Risk Management | A Framework for Your Business

All businesses have hazards associated with their operations and would not be able to provide their services or products without navigating some degree of risk. It would therefore be impractical […]

InMotion October 2021 – Fatigue | A Fitness for Work Matter

Everyone in the workplace has a duty to make sure fatigue doesn’t create a risk to health and safety. Employers have a duty of care to take all reasonable steps […]

InMotion September 2021 – Drugs and Alcohol | A Fitness for Work Matter

Fitness for work means a person is fit for work when their state of wellbeing (physiological, psychological, and emotional) enables them to perform the physical and cognitive (mental) inherent requirements […]

InMotion August 2021 – Workplace Injury Rehabilitation Provider | What Role Do They Play?

Workplace injuries and illnesses can have a significant impact on an employee and their organisation. When an employee sustains a workplace injury, it often impacts their ability to perform their normal […]

InMotion July 2021 – Fitness for Work

Fitness for work means that a person should be in a state which enables them to perform their role competently and in a manner that does not put their health […]

InMotion June 2021 – Manual Handling

A large number of jobs in the automotive industry are labour intensive and involves moderate to high levels of manual handling. Poor technique, heavy lifting, hazardous manual tasks, and the […]

InMotion May 2021 – Health Monitoring

SafeWork Australia defines health monitoring as “the monitoring of a worker to identify changes in their health status because of exposure to certain substances.” Managing exposure to hazardous substances and […]

InMotion April 2021 – Work Health and Safety Duty of Care

Is your organisation meeting its Duty of Care obligations to provide a safe working environment for employees and other persons as required under Work Health and Safety (WHS) Laws? In […]

InMotion March 2021- Noise Exposure Hazards and Hearing Conservation

Noise is everywhere and part of everyday life, but it’s the noise levels that we are exposed to at work that has the potential to be hazardous to the health […]

InMotion February 2021 – Managing Hazardous Substances and Dangerous Goods

There are many benefits to managing hazardous substances and dangerous goods in a safe, efficient, and effective manner. Regulatory compliance and good practice management ensures team members, contractors, visitors, customers, […]

InMotion January 2021 – Workshop Safety | Managing Hazards to Minimise Risk of Injury and Harm

Service and repair workshops are high risk areas for motor trades industry businesses and their team members. Daily routines in the workshop are often repetitive and as team members become […]

InMotion December 2020 – Recovery at Work, Supporting Suitable Duties

In Part One of this three part series, we explored the benefits of prompt injury reporting and early treatment followed by Part Two which looked at engaging a preferred injury […]

InMotion November 2020 – Benefits of a preferred treatment provider

Last month, in Part One of this three part series, we explored the benefits of prompt injury reporting and early treatment. Managing an injury in your workplace is critical to […]

InMotion October 2020 – Effective injury management

Early intervention practices have proven to be effective in fostering a happy and healthy workplace as they promote an environment that is supportive and committed to the health and wellbeing […]