InMotion April 2024 – Introduction to Workplace Psychosocial Hazards and Risks

Workplace psychosocial hazards and risks encompass a wide array of factors that can significantly impact employees’ mental health and well-being. From excessive workloads and interpersonal conflicts to bullying and harassment, […]

InMotion February 2024 – Understanding psychological injuries in the workplace

Psychosocial hazards and risks have long existed in the workplace, but their significance has been increasingly emphasised in more recent times and has been specifically addressed in 2022 amendments to […]

InMotion December 2023 – Asset Management WHS Guidance

It is essential for a business to have an efficient and effective internal control framework for the management of fixed and mobile assets. Effective asset lifecycle management plays a pivotal […]

InMotion October 2023 – Overcoming Injury Recovery & Return to Work Barriers

Proactively identifying and addressing barriers to effective workplace injury recovery and return to work management is crucial to the safety and wellbeing of injured workers, the productivity of your workforce […]

InMotion August 2023 – Manual Handling and Hazardous Manual Tasks

Motor vehicle service and repair workshops and related operations are generally classified as medium to high-risk work areas, as there are many inherent risk exposures including those related to manual […]

InMotion June 2023 – Common Workplace Injuries

Workplace injuries can vary depending on the nature of a person’s role, their capacity to meet the inherent requirements of the role, the work environment and the effectiveness of safe […]

InMotion April 2023 – Asbestos Awareness in the Automotive Industry

In response to the severe health impacts related to asbestos exposure, changes were made to legislation imposing a ban on the use of asbestos in Australia from 31st December 2003. […]

InMotion February 2023 – Injury Recovery and Return to Work Barriers

Returning to work after a workplace injury can be a challenging process that requires careful attention and support from employers. There are various factors that can impact an injured worker’s […]

InMotion December 2022 – InMotion Publications | Looking Back at 2022

Our InMotion publications are one of many solutions created by our team of professionals with the objective of sharing information that can enhance the level of WHS knowledge, understanding and […]

InMotion November 2022 – Emergency Preparedness and Response

It is a legal requirement that all workplaces are prepared for an emergency and have a plan in place to respond if an event was to take place. A Person […]

InMotion October 2022 – Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Personal Protective Equipment combined with other control measures can be used to keep workers and other persons safe from harm in the workplace. PPE may be considered as a supplementary […]

InMotion September 2022 – The Essentials of Good Safety Communications

Communicating about workplace health and safety (WHS) matters is essential to a safe workplace culture and the implementation of a business’s WHS Management System. Providing appropriate and timely information to […]

InMotion August 2022 – Does Your Business Have a Safety Brand?

A WHS philosophy, vision or mission, beliefs and principles collectively make up a business’s Safety Brand and is an important extension of organisational values. Your Safety Brand affects the way […]

InMotion July 2022 – Work Health and Safety Training

Providing work health and safety (WHS) information, training and instruction to employees is an important way to ensure that they all have the necessary material, technical skills, and competency to […]

InMotion June 2022 – Reporting and Investigating Workplace Incidents and Injuries

While all organisations aim to prevent workplace incidents and injuries from occurring, despite their best efforts, incidents and injuries may still happen. Incident and injury information can assist your organisation […]