Because a safer workplace is an ongoing commitment

Sustainable workplace safety management

MTC’s Ongoing Care program will enable you to work with industry WHS professionals to help drive change and provide better safety outcomes on an ongoing basis.

We provide motor trades employers with an easily accessible and affordable package of services that are designed to achieve sustainable performance in workplace safety.

What's included in our program

Program components are detailed and cover Work Health Safety (WHS) Strategy Design and Implementation, Management Systems, Education and Training, and Management Support.

Design and Implementation

  • WHS strategy planning workshop and development of strategic action
  • Business-wide wellbeing survey and insights to help improve WHS performance
  • Engage participants in the process through a safety brand campaign
  • Measure success with WHS key performance indicators and score card

Management Systems

  • WHS management system design, development and implementation
  • WHS policy and procedure design and development to suit business needs
  • Process design covering asset management, Return to Work (RTW) and recovery at work programs
  • Develop emergency preparedness and response materials
  • Preparation of auditing processes, support documentation and checklists

Management Support

  • WHS management support including incident investigations, employee communications and regulatory interactions
  • Conduct job task analyses and workplace inspections
  • Facilitate the implementation of various plans such as asbestos management, early intervention medical treatment, employee assistance program, and hearing conservation program

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