What our customers have to say

“The time and resources required to manage even minor injuries and workers insurance claims was impacting other areas of our business. MTC has a thorough knowledge of the motoring industry and the specific challenges that businesses in our industry face. Their end-to-end return to work program, Care and Recover, is contextualised to suit your business and when given a situation outside of the box, they are able to leverage their expertise, skills & industry knowledge to help us navigate the complexities of the workers Insurance process. Engaging MTC to assist our business to manage injuries and workers insurance has enhanced the level of care for injured workers and we have seen a significant improvement in both the financial and the human resource costs relating to the injury and claims management processes.” Amanda Reid – Business Manager, Wholesale Diesel

“We were sceptical of engaging an external company to support us with our Work Health & Safety (WHS) initiatives due to a previous negative experience. MTC approached us with their Protect & Care Program, conducting a thorough review of our WHS management capability and provided a detailed improvement opportunities report. We were very impressed with their professionalism and level of support which prompted us to engage MTC on an ongoing basis with the Care and Recover Program and Ongoing Care Program. It is one of the best decisions we have made.  MTC works very closely with us and are an essential part of our business and not merely an external provider. Their knowledge of the automotive industry and expertise in health and safety means they truly have their finger on the pulse, especially in injury management and workers compensation which continues to be invaluable to our business and our vision a safer workplace. Dealing with insurers and compensation claims is time consuming, costly, and complex. We no longer have to worry about how our injuries and claims are being managed as we know we are in safe hands with MTC giving us peace of mind.” Steven Wait, General Manager Thomas Bros Group Wagga Wagga

“MTC, if they can come into your business and partner with you to future proof your business from a safety point of view, I think it can be one of the best investments you can make in your business.” Scott Braid, Wagga Motors

“If I were asked for a recommendation for MTC I would happily offer the highest praise and I would point out how apt their name is – Motor Trades “Care”. I really believe that everyone at Motor Trades Care does genuinely care for our business and people and that they are dedicated to helping us to reach our workplace health, safety, and wellbeing goals” Susan Keating, J.T. Fossey

“The material available in the Care Central platform will be very useful to us and we have already started using Care Central’s Safe Work Instructions to update and nationalise our existing Safe Operating Procedures. The platform looks great and has a lot of very relevant material which I’m sure we will use” Dean Williams, Peter Warren Automotive

“Signing up to MTC’s Care and Recover service has been one of the best business decisions we have made.  Their expertise in injury management and return to work has helped us improve the level of care for injured team members and to navigate the complex processes of the workers insurance scheme” Libby van Schaik, Blacktown Auto Engineers

“Feel the relief almost instantly! 9 months into an ongoing claim, going nowhere, frustrating and time consuming -the MTC team came on board. Their knowledge, professionalism and communication gave us peace of mind and confidence in reaching an outcome that was acceptable to all parties. Going forward MTC is also compiling the necessary documents for our Injury Management and RTW. Their website itself is a standalone resource for all SME’s. If unsure, just phone them for a chat- then decide MTC will be an asset to your business.” Donna Axiak – Owner / Operator, Elite Automotive Repairs Pty Ltd