Leading Safely Program

Based on a blended learning approach, Leading Safely features a mix of self-paced online learning, self-assessment survey and report, facilitated group application sessions via webinar and optional leadership coaching pathways.

Leading Safely

Are your leaders driving the kind of safety culture you want?

Research shows that leaders are critical in driving positive safety cultures, yet only 24% of leaders display strong safety leadership capabilities.  The Leading Safely program is a collaborative project between MTC and workplace safety psychology specialists Sentis. The program is borne from MTC’s automotive industry WHS expertise and the safety leadership and culture change experience of Sentis, which makes the approach highly relevant and applicable to the industry. The program focuses on developing capabilities within your leadership team that will support your organisation to improve your safety culture.

Experience the learning platform

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The Learning Framework

The learning journey is built on best-practice instructional design and has been carefully crafted to support the transfer of learning concepts back into the workplace so you can be confident it will support a positive shift in attitudes and deliver results.

Our learning framework and interactive online platform supports training transfer by:

  • Creating motivation

    Highly interactive training and webinar platforms replicate the face-to-face feel. Online modules are infused with videos and images, and the interactivity promotes engagement

  • Minimising cognitive overload

    Learning modules are delivered in bite-sized ‘chunks’ designed to appeal to learners of today who may disengage from long modules or text-heavy online training

  • Supporting active learning

    Inclusion of live webinar discussions focuses the responsibility of learning on participants and provides an opportunity to tailor discussions to relevant workplace examples

  • Focusing on practical application

    The applied learning sessions are a critical component in supporting participants to apply the concepts to their work

  • Staggered learning phases

    Staggering the online learning modules and webinars over time assists with the consolidation of information and transfer of comprehensive learning. The expectation that learners will participate in follow-up activities increases engagement and attention to learning materials

Program Outline

Online (Self-Paced e-learning + Safety Leadership Assessment + Group Webinars)

Module 1 | The Psychology of Safety

  • Leading Safely Introduction
  • Attitude, Behaviour, Results
  • Connecting the Brain with Safety
  • Taking Control of our Safety

Module 2 | Safety Leadership Foundations

  • Introduction to Safety Leadership
  • Understanding the 8 Safety Leadership Competencies
  • Creating and Communicating a Safety Vision
  • Leading with Trust and Active Care
  • Conscious Leadership

Module 3 | Safety Leadership Communication

  • Supporting the Safety Vision
  • Having the Key Conversations
  • Promoting a Learning & Improvement Culture
  • Safety Leadership in Action

Safety Leadership Assessment (SLA)

Safety leadership is a critical predictor of an organisation’s safety culture. Yet many leaders are unaware of the competencies that drive effective safety leadership, let alone how they perform in these areas.

The SLA measures the extent to which leaders demonstrate effective safety leadership. The SLA is an online survey that takes approximately 30 minutes to complete and is goal is to encourage leaders to develop self-awareness of their safety leadership style and identify both strengths and areas they would benefit from developing further. It also provides clarity regarding the focus areas for future leadership development initiatives.

The Outcome

Leading Safely will build a consistent approach to safety leadership within your business and provide a common language and set of tools that leaders can use to build a positive safety culture. Leaders will understand the goal of a great safety culture and how their behaviours and expectations can support their team to achieve the vision.

Safety Culture

More mature safety cultures where employees go above and beyond basic compliance

Safety Conversation

Increased quality and quantity of safety conversations between leaders and teams


Greater influencing skills within the leadership team to drive team adherence to safety protocols


Increased safety innovation and continuous improvement


Greater commitment to the safety vision, and increased motivation to achieve safety goals


Improved engagement in safety initiatives

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