Expert guidance that helps you identify ways to create a safer workplace and improve employee safety and wellbeing processes

Identify opportunities to improve employee safety and wellbeing

Managing a businesses’ employee safety and wellbeing requirements to ensure the best outcomes for employees and business can be a daunting prospect.

The Protect and Care Program was developed for large employers to take advantage of MTC’s industry knowledge and best practice processes to help deliver favourable outcomes for all.

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Our Proven Approach

Protect and Care takes a holistic three-phase approach to evaluating a businesses’ employee safety and wellbeing needs, before developing and implementing customised solutions to suit the individual requirements of each business.


After a program scoping meeting, our consultants will carry out a detailed analysis of the businesses’ current health and safety data, systems and cost assessments. Our consultants will also action a business-wide safety and wellbeing perceptions survey.


Using the valuable data and insights gained during the Discover phase of the program, we will identify areas for improvement within the business and develop strategies to address any shortcomings.

Drive Success

All about implementing the plans and processes. By adhering to our final risk improvement report and action plan, the business will be well on their way to reaching their goal of considerably improving employee safety and wellbeing outcomes.

What are the benefits?

Apart from improving Employee wellbeing and safety, our Protect & Care program:

  • Is cost-effective

    Cost effective program developed to meet the needs of the motor trades industry

  • Is a unique approach

    Uses a unique approach designed to help you understand your workplace safety performance and opportunities for improvement

  • Is a program to fit your business

    Each program is scaled and tailor-made for your business

  • Focusses on specific areas

    Allows businesses to concentrate on their core areas of operation

  • Is committed to workplace safety

    Demonstrates a commitment to safety in the workplace and to reducing workplace injuries and promotes more sustainable workers insurance costs

  • Aims to improve employee morale

    Supports improved workplace morale

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