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There’s an efficient and cost-effective way for automotive businesses to exercise due diligence in seeking to understand their primary duty of care and to embrace their Workplace Health and Safety journey.

The Protect and Care Self-assessment Tool is based on our comprehensive and industry leading Protect and Care Program but is delivered in a more concise and easier to access online format. It can be used by any size organisation, however, is especially geared for small to medium size businesses.

This tool will help you to identify the key elements of successful WHS Management and enable you to gain greater insights and a better understanding of your duty of care obligations.

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Why taking stock of your WHS capability is vital

A business is unlikely to perform to its full potential and at maximum efficiency without accurate knowledge of its WHS capability. Here are some key points to consider:

  • People

    People are our greatest assets, so it’s vital we look after them

  • Productivity

    Injuries and illness impact moral and cost businesses in lost productivity

  • Culture

    Improved wellbeing and a good safety culture equals higher productivity

  • Cost

    Safe and well people reduce operational impacts and stabilise workers insurance costs

  • Duty of Care

    Every business has WHS obligations that they must comply with

Key Feature of the Self-assessment Tool

  • Web based application
  • Secure account registration and approval
  • Unique user login and portal
  • Easy to use form based interface with logic based step-by-step progress
  • Save and continue capability

Getting Started

This assessment-tool is a great way for motor trades businesses to start or continue their WHS journey. Invest in creating a safer workplace while increasing productivity today! The journey towards best practice WHS is easy.



Register online to activate your account, review and accept the fee option at



Complete and submit the online assessment. A walkthrough option with our team is available.



In the days following you will have access to a tailored ‘Review and Opportunities’ report



One of our WHS professionals will provide a 30 minute debrief session


Take Action

Make an informed decision and use the report to develop your WHS strategy or action plan

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