MTC has a number of industry specific WHS training and education programs that would be invaluable to your business

WHS Education and Training Programs

Our education and training programs are designed specifically for the motor trades industry to help to create safer workplaces.
  • Leading Safely

    MTC’s Leading Safely program is designed for all leaders from frontline level to senior executives. The program focuses on developing capabilities within your leadership team that will support your organisation to improve your safety culture. This is an important step to ensure leaders have a common set of effective leadership skills and are aligned in a consistent leadership approach to drive cultural improvement.

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  • Taking Control of My Safety

    MTC’s Taking Control of My Safety program focuses on the individual, their thinking processes and behaviours, and sense of accountability regarding safety. It is designed to provide all employees with insight into their thinking patterns to empower them to make better decisions about safety. They will learn about how the brain works and be given the opportunity to develop the skills that give them control over their thinking.

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