Protect and Care Program

We help the Motor Trades Industry create safer workplaces.


“Protect and Care” is the process designed by MTC to review employee health safety and wellbeing performance. This process is built around 3 key phases which represent the approach.


A 3-phase approach

Phase 1

Initial analysis of current health and safety data, systems and costs assessment. Carry out a company-wide safety and wellbeing perceptions survey.

Phase 2

Co-creating the best approach, findings validation and action planning.

Phase 3

Final risk improvement report and collaboratively designed improvement action


The 9 Key Elements of the Protect and Care Process

Organisational Commitment
Organisational Expectation
Leader Lead
Management Standards
KPIs and Measurement
Duty of Care Governance
Safe Systems of Work
Safe and Well People
Safe and Healthy Workplaces

The Aim of the Review


Analyse the employer’s approach to all these elements.


Identify opportunities for improvement.


Produce a report which forms the basis for a strategy for the employer to implement.
All the elements of the strategy are governed by practical considerations and improving operational efficiency.
Motor Trades Care Program Summary

Health, Safety & Wellbeing Action Plan

This is the output of the Protect and Care program. The phase includes final risk improvement report and collaboratively designed improvement action plan aimed at effectively addressing opportunities for improvement.

Performance vs. Best Practice

For the first time we are now able to offer business the ability to overlay data sets from employee, workplace, industry and government sources. This provides leaders with new intelligence, perspective, and analysis on health, safety and wellbeing trends affecting their business at a level not previously possible.

We are able to work with employees using their own data and showing them the industry data we have to identify gaps and improvements in their operations.

Safety Survey

An important part of the Protect and Care Review is the Safety Survey which is part of the process. The intention of the Survey is to determine the perception of Managers and Employees relating to the employer’s safety system.

By comparing the feedback from the Survey, we are able to determine the differences in perception which exist and resolve issues which need to be addressed. This provides a very valuable insight into the workplace and is vital to achieving changes to attitudes and behaviours which are fundamental to improving WHS performance.

Data Analytics

The third aspect of our Protect and Care program is data analytics. Data is the only empirical material which exists that cannot be doubted ... but what does the data mean?

Our approach is to obtain data from icare relating to the performance of the employer and to mix it with material obtained from the employer to create a meaningful base to measure compare to industry performance and to incorporate operationally important aspects into our review.

This approach means that we are able to provide employers with more relevant insights to use as a basis for understanding their situation and operational planning to address issues revealed.

This approach is, we believe, unique to our process.

These valuable insights are provided free as they are paid for by icare in accordance with our Alliance Agreement.



Following on from the Protect and Care program we work with you to establish a structure to support the ongoing delivery of the plan.

The Ongoing Care Program focuses on maximising the chances of success and helping business extract and sustain better business value from health, safety and wellbeing.