ONGOING Care Program

We help the Motor Trades Industry create safer workplaces.

Introducing our Ongoing Care Program

We know that change can only be sustained though when implemented throughout the entire organisation with unwavering commitment. And that takes time. That’s why we offer ongoing support to client’s following on from their participation in the Protect and Care program.


Maximising Health, Safety & Wellbeing Value. Ongoing.

Once the action plan has been set and documented at the Protect and Care program stage it is vital that this strategy is linked to execution. To help, we’ve developed a series of services and resources to maximise the chance of program success.


Our Ongoing Success Program services include:


Work Health and Safety

Specialist consulting to support employers with the implementation and improvement of their WHS systems and processes including;

  • Strategic plan development and implementation
  • Performance monitoring and analytics platforms
  • WHS brand establishment campaigns
  • Safe to operate asset management
  • Risk assessment and task analysis, and fit for purpose safe work instructions

Education and training packages for Employers, Leaders, Employees and WHS Coordinators/Managers focussing on:

  • Effective WHS Coordination
  • Making the right choice | Commitment to a safe and healthy lifestyle platforms
  • Leading safety and wellbeing | Remodelling the behaviours expected of others
  • Safety Officer duties | Demonstrating Due Diligence

Access to leading providers of services tailored for the motor trades industry including:

  • Wellbeing Programs;
  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP) services;
  • Pre employment services; and
  • Preferred medical provider and triage network service.

Partnerships with leading WHS software system providers offering fit for purpose and affordable ways to enhance management capability of;

  • Risk and incident management tools to record, manage and take corrective actions;
  • Workplace inspection routines and action management;
  • Asset management including asset registers and planned inspection, maintenance routines and unplanned repairs;
  • RTW process management;
  • Learning management; and
  • Chemical management.

Engagement with a specialist service provider that uses sensory technology to better understand the musculoskeletal impacts of high injury risk roles. Identifying opportunities to improve:

  • Job and task design
  • Training programs
  • The design and use of equipment and tools
  • Fitness for work

Access to health and safety resource library.

This includes policy, procedure, safe work instruction and form templates relevant to the motor trades industry.

Access to a range of topical WHS instructional information packs and digital media to enhance WHS training and education.


Return to Work

  • Industry RTW program and supporting document resources to help get the basics right;
  • Education and training packages for Employees, Employers and Return to Work Coordinators;
  • Access to MTC case studies and industry benchmark data that can be used by to enhance RTW capability, and
  • Access to MTC Partnerships with leading medical practitioners, allied health and wellbeing service providers with the aim of establishing convenient and affordable services tailored to the industry.