InMotion April 2020 – Covid-19 Toolkits

Motor Trades Care (MTC) in conjunction with MTA NSW, have developed COVID-19 ‘Toolkits’, to provide motor trades industry employers and employees with strategies and best practice advice on combating the virus in the workplace, while assisting business continuity.

The information has been detailed by MTC and MTA NSW in their inaugural magazine, In Motion, which is available online.

The publication provides in-depth information for employers covering their responsibilities in dealing with the virus in the workplace, along with recommending processes to minimise risk of infection to staff and customers.

Additionally, the Toolkit recommends the appropriate actions to take if an infection is suspected, and contains details of employers’ legal requirements along with a comprehensive question and answer section.

A more concise version of the Toolkit featuring information most relevant to employees has also been developed and provided to employers for circulation to their relevant staff.

InMotion is the official Bulletin of MTC & MTA NSW for all things WHS, Injury Management and Workers Insurance related.


Employer Toolkit

Employee Toolkit