InMotion September 2021 – Drugs and Alcohol | A Fitness for Work Matter

Fitness for work means a person is fit for work when their state of wellbeing (physiological, psychological, and emotional) enables them to perform the physical and cognitive (mental) inherent requirements of their role competently, and in a manner that does not put their health and safety and that of others at an unacceptable level of risk.

An employee’s fitness for work can be compromised temporarily or permanently following an injury / illness that is work or non-work related, or because of a medical condition (pre-existing or gradual onset) that affects their physical and mental health and wellbeing. Drug use, alcohol consumption and fatigue can also impact a person’s fitness for work capacity.

All employees have an obligation to take reasonable steps to ensure that they are fit for work and are not adversely impaired by drugs or alcohol in the workplace that would inhibit them from maintaining safe work practices, performing their duties efficiently or creating a risk to themselves or other persons.

In this InMotion we will explore the risks associated with drug and alcohol as well as key policy and procedure mitigation strategies.