InMotion June 2021 – Manual Handling

A large number of jobs in the automotive industry are labour intensive and involves moderate to high levels of manual handling. Poor technique, heavy lifting, hazardous manual tasks, and the musculoskeletal degenerative process that occurs with aging are just some of the contributing factors to manual handling injuries and occupational illnesses. The consequence of which can be extended time off work, decreased productivity, and the reduced ability to complete their normal job role, leading to a possible increase in workload on the rest of the team and putting them at a greater risk of injury.

Providing the right tools, equipment, education and training are some key strategies that can be adopted to minimise the risk of your team members sustaining a significant manual handling injury or developing an occupational illness over time.

In this InMotion we discuss manual handling and what makes it hazardous, musculoskeletal disorders, minimising the risk of injury, manual handling safety tips and good wellbeing to reduce risk of injury.