InMotion July 2022 – Work Health and Safety Training

Providing work health and safety (WHS) information, training and instruction to employees is an important way to ensure that they all have the necessary material, technical skills, and competency to perform their roles safely.

Employees are better equipped to make good choices about safety and avoid incidents and injuries when they:

  • have the knowledge of the hazards present in their role and the environment in which they work; and
  • are provided with instruction on how to perform common tasks and mitigate the associated risks.

To effectively implement a training program in your business there needs to be a planned approach, from identifying suitable training to delivering the training sessions.

In this InMotion we discuss the requirements for providing WHS education and training, how to determine training needs, considering appropriate training methods, implementing a training schedule, and assessing the competency of employees. We will also discuss some of the common types of training a business may provide and the importance of retaining training records.