InMotion December 2022 – InMotion Publications | Looking Back at 2022

Our InMotion publications are one of many solutions created by our team of professionals with the objective of sharing information that can enhance the level of WHS knowledge, understanding and expertise across all sectors of the automotive industry. Since the first edition in April 2020, we have published over 30 InMotions which have been shared electronically with our subscription audience with over 100 thousand successful email deliveries.

We recognise that for some, this may be the first InMotion you may have had the opportunity to read or are familiar with them but may have missed some of our earlier editions overtime. Either way, there are some insightful topics and content that you may find helpful, therefore we thought for the final InMotion of the year we would look back at what we covered over 2022 with a short overview of each months topic and a convenient link to the publication.