InMotion December 2021 – Health and Wellbeing Calendar 2022

Wellbeing programs and initiatives can help drive and reinforce healthy behaviours, bringing benefits to team members, your business and in some cases the wider community. Working safely and taking care of your wellbeing is an important lifestyle choice, which requires a personal commitment that only each individual can make. Promoting healthy lifestyles through wellbeing programs and initiatives can make it easier to make this choice and can significantly improve the health and wellbeing of a workforce, enhancing organisational culture and morale.

Our December 2021 InMotion is a Health and Wellbeing Calendar for 2022. Throughout the year we have called out a number of initiatives that you can consider promoting as Health and Wellbeing initiatives for your business.

Remember, getting your leaders behind wellbeing programs promoted by your business is essential to getting buy-in from team members and their willingness to participate.