InMotion December 2020 – Recovery at Work, Supporting Suitable Duties

In Part One of this three part series, we explored the benefits of prompt injury reporting and early treatment followed by Part Two which looked at engaging a preferred injury treatment provider.

In the final part of this series, we provide insight into the importance of recovery at work and how this supports good return to work outcomes.

When an employee sustains a workplace injury or illness, it often impacts their ability to perform their job, especially in roles that are more labour intensive and inherently high risk. Since it is in everyone’s best interest to see them return to work in some capacity while they are recovering, the ability to provide suitable work becomes an important step in the recovery process.

In Part Three we cover:

  • suitable work;
  • supporting recovery at work;
  • recovery at work goals and planning;
  • identifying suitable work; and
  • developing, monitoring, and progressing a recover at work plan.