InMotion August 2022 – Does Your Business Have a Safety Brand?

A WHS philosophy, vision or mission, beliefs and principles collectively make up a business’s Safety Brand and is an important extension of organisational values. Your Safety Brand affects the way employees perceive safety, influences their behaviours, and guides the choices they make including how they interact with their colleagues, and react to safety messages, campaigns, and initiatives. A key component to a safe workplace and employee wellbeing is setting clear expectations about the actions and behaviours that drive a good safety culture. A safety brand sets the benchmark for a good safety culture.

In this InMotion we explore the Safety Brand concept, the key components to include when developing a safety brand and some tips on the implementation process. We will share the Safety Philosophy, Mission, Beliefs, and Principles of our customer J.T. Fossey Cars & Trucks as an example of what a Safety Brand can look like for a business.