InMotion August 2021 – Workplace Injury Rehabilitation Provider | What Role Do They Play?

Workplace injuries and illnesses can have a significant impact on an employee and their organisation. When an employee sustains a workplace injury, it often impacts their ability to perform their normal job, especially in roles that are physically demanding and inherently high risk.

Since it is in everyone’s best interest that injured employees return to work in some capacity while they are recovering, the ability to provide suitable work becomes an important step in the recovery process. Determining what work is suitable and supporting an injured employee recover and return to work can be challenging, and in some cases, it may be beneficial to involve a workplace injury rehabilitation provider (Rehab Provider) to support and facilitate your recovery at and return to work efforts.

In this InMotion we will summarise why recovery at work is important, and then explore the role of a Rehab Provider, factors that affect recovery and how to recognise flags. We will also look at when you should consider appointing a Rehab Provider, how to engage their services, what your expectations should be, and considering a preferred provider arrangement.