InMotion April 2023 – Asbestos Awareness in the Automotive Industry

In response to the severe health impacts related to asbestos exposure, changes were made to legislation imposing a ban on the use of asbestos in Australia from 31st December 2003. This ban made it illegal to manufacture, import, export or use asbestos containing materials and products.

Prior to the 2003 ban, many motor vehicles were manufactured with asbestos-containing components. While the likelihood has significantly decreased over time, repair and maintenance work on older model vehicles may still inherently involve a risk of exposure to asbestos fibres from these asbestos-containing components. These components may include brake pads/shoes, gaskets, clutch plates, hood liner, etc. Some new vehicles and parts imported from overseas may still contain asbestos to present day.

This InMotion explores how to identify the potential hazards and risks involving asbestos-containing automotive components, the exposure risk to this material and possible controls to assist safe practice in automotive workplaces.