The latest COVID-19 outbreak and lockdown across Sydney is a timely reminder to ensure we have the right strategies and practices in place to protect our team members, customers and other persons involved in our business.

Register your business for COVID Safe Check-in

All businesses have an obligation for recording and keeping contact details under the current Public Health Orders. Businesses must register with Service NSW and their COVID Safe Check-in application. The registration gives your business a unique QR code for contactless staff and customer check-in and check-out from the premises. The app sends this information directly to Service NSW for contract tracing.

  1. Register your business for a unique COVID-19 Safe Check-in QR Code – Click Here
  2. Print your COVID-19 Safe Check-in QR Code and display it at your entry points for staff and customers to check-in

Create your COVID-19 Safety Plan

Its timely to review your COVID-19 Safety Plan or if you haven’t got one yet consider getting one in place as soon as possible. Your plan should, as a minimum, cover arrangements for:

Physical Distancing – i.e. demarcating and signposting physical distancing requirements in customer reception areas and in your workshops

Hygiene and Cleaning – i.e. wearing face masks, providing hand sanitizer for staff and customers, sterilizing customers vehicles before and after the job

Record Keeping – i.e. register your business for a unique COVID-19 Safe Check-in QR Code or using the Service NSW Check-in Webform as an alternative to a QR code.

Service NSW has an easy to use online tool for developing a COVID-19 Safety Plan. MTC has developed COVID-19 Safe toolkits for both Employers and Employees which can be used in the development or review of your COVID-19 Safety Plan.

Please follow this link to access the toolkits 

Need help with your COVID-19 Safety Plan? Click here to contact us.