As part of our commitment to supporting an industry-led approach to improve worker outcomes, icare is excited to partner with the Motor Traders’ Association of NSW (MTA NSW) through Motor Trades Cover.

This partnership will pioneer a new way of working that aims to achieve better safety outcomes in the automotive industry.

“We’ve been listening to employers about their workers compensation requirements and we’re already engaging with other industry sectors,” said John Nagle, icare CEO and Managing Director.

“This partnership with MTA NSW is the first step towards icare developing programs that respond to the particular needs of a range of industry sectors across NSW. Businesses in the automotive industry contend with industry specific issues that require certain expertise to address,” said Stavros Yallouridis, CEO, MTA NSW.

“By combining our knowledge and networks, this partnership provides us with new opportunities to meet the needs of this unique industry when it comes to injury prevention and recovery.”

“icare has demonstrated its willingness to listen to the industries they insure and respond with meaningful changes.”

“This new industry-aligned approach will empower businesses in the motor trades to overcome challenges and achieve significant improvements in work-related injury prevention and recovery outcomes.”

icare is eager to learn from this partnership and see how this can be applied to other industries with work underway to develop online self-help resources for employers in four of our largest industry sectors – manufacturing, construction, transport and community services.